Member Check-In with the Touch of a Finger

Many clubs today with Jonas software use the member activity check-in terminal for tracking members in the fitness center, pool, or other areas.  This is usually accomplished with a membership card, which the member needs to dig out of their wallet or purse and try not to loose while working out, or by having the member type their member number at the terminal which can also be slow.

IdentityOne MorphoSmart 300

Now a new product from IdentityOne can help.  The MorphSmart 300 is a fingerprint scanner with a cloud based member database that allows members to check in with only a quick touch of a finger.  The scanner can also be used in Jonas POS to allow your servers to verify member purchases.

The MorphoSmart 300 hardware is rugged, good looking and has a small foot print.  The software is easy to use and allows a single database to connect scanners at multiple locations, across town or across the country.

A new season is about to get started.  Call or email us soon for details about getting your club setup with MorphSmart 300 fingerprint scanners for Jonas.